Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Just Havin Fun!

Learning to not take everything so seriously....Don't get me wrong, I am serious about my workouts, but I have found that you don't have to be so serious all of the time. The number one thing I hear from people is "I need to be doing what you're doing"....my response "You gotta do what you like". So many times I have "done what others do" and found I didn't like it and gave up. Working out twice a day every day M-R and once on the weekends isn't what everyone wants to do. Eating my 6 meals a day, isn't what everyone is capable of doing. I enjoy the feeling I have when I leave the gym, not always during or before, but after I feel great. So go out, try something new, find what you like and works for you. When I first started this process I sat and wrote down everything that was healthy that I liked, I went from there and began eating that way. Do what ya do! :D

Monday, April 25, 2011

*food for thought...its all i need*

Last week was beyond stressful. Everything in the world was due for school and I didn't get to eat my meals or hit the gym like I wanted to. Felt discouraged and disappointed heading into the weekend, only to be brought back to reality that life is not that bad from my friends. Friends and family brought me an amazing weekend that made me stress free for the first real time all semester. Glad to be back in my normal routine with the gym and eating properly.....and best of all I CAN WEAR WHITE! I know that Stacy and Clinton threw this rule out the door, but my Nana and Mimi raised me southern, and you can NOT wear white before Easter. I have been holding out all season and was so happy to finally put on that white dress and my favorite white shorts. :D

I am proud to say, today for the first time ever, I was NOT a procrastinator. I did everything that was due for the week in one day and can just chill out the rest of the week and into the weekend. I have a weigh in this week...not particularly excited about it considering my week last week, but all can do is try harder in the weeks to come :)

We celebrated my maternal grandparents 50th wedding anniversary. If I ever find someone to love me like my Grandaddy loves my Nana, I'll be set for life. He is the epidemy of the Brad Paisley song "Waitin' on a Woman".