Monday, June 20, 2011


Finally, I have compiled a list of 75 things that I want to do, or have the ability to do, in my lifetime. Some things may seem silly to others but, well, I am a silly person at heart. Some may be personal things that I have never addressed but need to do so before it’s too late. My list ranges from falling in love to rock climbing…traveling to just staying home. It’s only natural that my list will grow as I mark things off my list and find more things that I would like to do. I intend on doing a lot this summer and continuing on into the fall, maybe taking one item a month. Most things will be done with my friends, but others are things I will have to face alone. I won't do this in any certain order, and the list isn't in any order either...somethings I won't have the opportunity to complete until later in life, however, many I can do now.
So here it is…my 75 wants in life:
1. Learn to play tennis
2. Go to Seattle, Washington
3. Rock climb
4. Wear a bikini
5. Get-a-weekend alone
6. Feel accomplished
7. Buy size 6
8. Go skiing in Colorado
9. Figure out what I want to do in life
10. Be adventurous
11. Let go of fears
12. Sail
13. Scuba dive
14. Go to a UGA game
15. Sing karaoke
16. Talk to my dad again
17. Italy! ….and eat pizza
18. Visit a 3rd world country and work with children
19. Travel across the border (up or down)
20. Learn to cook a really expensive dish
21. Buy a pair of MinoloBlancs
22. Fall in LoVe
23. Finally feel completely comfortable with myself
24. Return to NYC
25. Take a train ride
26. Dance in the rain
27. Be completely spontaneous for one day
28. See Adele in concert
30. Learn to play the piano again
31. Run 3 5k’s in 6 months time
32. Learn to ride a horse
33. Ride in a hot air balloon
34. Get married
35. Go camping
36. Move from Macon, Ga
37. Learn to surf in the Pacific
38. Go to wine country
39. Greece
40. Go to the Grand Canyon
41. See a fashion show
42. Run a half marathon
43. Learn to sew
44. Get my masters
45. Get a degree in nutrition
46. Let the walls fall down
47. Change a tire
48. Disney World
49. Zip-line
50. Adopt a cocker-spaniel
51. White Water Rafting
52. Visit New Orleans
53. Sell a painting
54. Volunteer for a homeless shelter
55. Volunteer at a children’s home
56. Change someones life for the better
57. Do an obstacle course
58. Dance on a bar
59. Amsterdam
60. Backpack in Europe
61. Plastic Surgery
62. Have an amazing NYE
63. Random road trip
64. Learn my Nana’s recipes
65. Gamble
66. Jeep
67. Have a Hangover night
68. Parasailing
69. Buy a hotdog from a Hot Dog Stand in Central Park
70. Mexico: Tacos and Margaritas
71. Get a meaningful tattoo
72. Take painting classes
73. Trust
74. Go kayaking
75. Triathlon

Quote:"I know I'm going nowhere,
When I only sit and stare like I'm going down,
Follow if you want, I won't just hang around,
Like you'll show me where to go..."-Sara Bareilles (Uncharted)