Thursday, March 4, 2010

"Kicking" my Butt (literally)

Since January 7, I have been attending a kick boxing class...Mr. Willie is ROUGH! He does play around for anything. He really pushes us to do our best. When we slack or seem to just not be getting it he comes over to help us out. I enjoy this class so much that I wish I could go every day, sadly it is only taught on Thursdays at my gym. During his one hour routine we do a series of steps, kicks, punches, and jumping. It is a killer cardio workout.
What do I do on the days I'm not "swinging like a butterfly"?
One hour and a half of cardio...I have started with 30 minutes on an eliptical and the land on a treadmill for an hour. Once on the treadmill I walk quickly, jog, run, jog, then walk for the first 30. After that I hit the incline to a 10 and walk at a slower speed up hill for about 15 mins. The rest of my hour is spent just walking at a good pace until I do a 5 min. cool down...I have not added weight lifting to my routine just because I really want to loose weight first and then gain muscle, is that bad? So far its working out for me, I am slowly becoming a "gymaholic".

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Month 2 Weigh In

Ok guys, I just left the doctor with my weigh in #2...officail weightloss for Month 2: 13 lbs! I was really excited to see that I did not gain any of my 11 back from my mini vaca, but a little saddened that I did not lose more...Keeping my spirits high, I am 13 lbs less and closer to my goal weight! Excited for this month and the challenges that will be coming with it...just 5 more months until I try on my first pair of skinny jeans!

Quote of the Month:
"This one step, choosing a goal and sticking to it, changes everything." ~ Scott Reed

Sunday, February 28, 2010

home from vacation...

So you know when your on your diet and you finally cant take it anymore and need to eat!!! Well thankfully that hasn't happened, on my vacation I found that I missed my daily routine and my regular foods...and my GYM! In fact, I walked every day and used a treadmill while on my little haitis... When I did finally come home at 5 AM, we got to Macon at 10 am and I literally jumped in my car and went to the gym for two hours. FELT SO GOOD TO BE BACK!!!