Monday, June 14, 2010

putting up the tissues, and getting on with it

After sulking all weekend about my results from the blood work at the Doctor's office and not working out, I hit the gym at 4:30 this morning and stayed until about 6:45. I thought I would be exhausted all day from it but actually feel pretty good and am going to do it again tomorrow.

Today I worked on a new work out routine and food menu. My new menu has more food on that is based on a lower cholesterol diet rather than only thinking about the calories. My doctor told me when I look at a Nutrition sticker that I need to look at the entire thing, not just a couple of key points because they all affect each other. Why I never thought of this I will never know.

So now I am done with my pity party and ready to get back in the game. I have more confidence that I can do this than I did before. One more weigh in and less than two months until I buy my skinny jeans...looking forward to getting them and setting a new goal.

Quote: "Buy the ticket, take the ride." - Hunter S. Thompson

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Salmon Cakes recipe I just found!

I thought you all would like this recipe from
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