Monday, April 26, 2010

Reading Between The Lines...

Looking for a really good book to read about weight loss and the challenges and 20 something college student goes through...Problem? I can't find anything! As a browse through Barnes and Noble all I can seem to come across are books about older women, usually single or divorced, trying to get their lives on track or the 30 somethings looking for marriage...neither of which apply to me. Also, I just bought a great cookbook that I am really ready to crack open and get's called the 3 Hour Diet, it's whole aspect is about eating every 3 hours, which is actually what I am trying to do. It has guides and even some great menus for those of us who have problems "putting it all together". I got it on sale at Barnes and Nobles.

So anyways if you guys have any advice on some good reads let me know!