Saturday, August 14, 2010

took FOREVER but here it is! My first pair of skinny jeans and GOAL COMPLETE!

FINALLY! Minus 67 pounds from January 1, 2010, I met my goal of buying my first pair of skinny jeans...along with a new shirt and a belt that I got a MEDIUM in! It felt great! and the ones in the picture felt a little baggie and I actually went down another size to size 12...two more sizes and I will be a single digit size! So whats next??? P90x! I have been sitting at 67 for a while now so it is time for a change, although I wont be doing it every day, I have decided to do it 4 days a week, and continue doing Yoga on Wednesdays, Kick Boxing on Thursdays, and Cardio on Fridays... I will do weekly updates on how it is going. I will start P90x next Saturday!