Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Top 5 Free Weight Loss Apps for Smart Phones :)

With technology quickly conquering the world, the smart phone is every changing. I remember the days when I just had a giant Nokia that played game ever. Since I recently left my Blackberry (still one of my favorites) for the iPhone 4, I have been engulfed into a limitless world of Apps. My most favorite thing about the Apps Store is the Health and Fitness section. Who knew there were so many different ways to track your weight, eating, and workouts! So I have compiled my top 5 free favorite apps that can help with weightloss:

5. Fast Food App
This little app has a plethora of fast food restaurants and their menu items. They include portion size with nutritional facts. Great for when you are in a rush and HAVE to eat out.

4. Nike+Ipod App
Now I have not had the pleasure of using this app because I haven't bought all the gear, but everyone that I know who uses it loves it! The iPhone/iPod syncs your workouts to let you know how many calories you have burned. It seems totally cool and the equipment is definitely on my Wish List for Santa!

3. The Eatery App
I LOVE THIS APP! It is so much fun! You take a picture of your food and describe it. Then other people rate it on how healthy they think it is, plus you get to rate other people's food as well. It is a whole new way at looking at what is healthy!

2. Fooducate App
Hello easy shopping! I use this thing like crazy in the grocery store. Take a picture of the bar code of whatever you want and it automatically rates it (A-F Scale) and gives you other options that may be better for you!

and drum roll please...
1. My Fitness Pal
This app is my lifeline. Normally I have all of my apps in special little folders..Not this one! It is on my main page, and honestly, so much better on the iPhone than the Blackberry. Recording is so much easier to do. You chose and make your meals, keep up with nutritional intake and work outs. It gets a gold star from me! I love it! Plus, on days that I have killed my battery on the phone, no worries, I just go to and log it all in there!

There are so many other great apps on the iPhone and other smart phones for tracking weight-loss. Another great workout app is the Abs app! You get your own trainer that communicates through email with you. For recipes, go with All Recipes App, you can select if you wanna watch carbs, go vegan, or totally gorge out! If you have any other apps you wanna suggest, please feel free!