Sunday, January 27, 2013

100 Days of School

I can't believe I have made it to my very first 100th day of teaching! It's been such a crazy, fun year at school. The day started in pajamas, and my lovely mother Dottie came with me to spend the whole day with me at school!
It was so nice to finally introduce her to all of the kids and coworkers that she has heard about all year long. She learned very quickly how busy a school day is. By 9:00 am she was asking when we got to sit down! HA! We spent the whole day together and finished up decorating for the talent show that night. By the time we left it was time for dinner so we went to The Rookery downtown and completely pigged out...It's gotta happen sometimes right? We had pimento cheese dip for an appetizer, I got this amazing turkey burger with a tomato roumalade, The Walden Greenback.
Dottie had the Little Richard Pattymelt
and both of us had a glass of wine, it was a must. Oh you thought that was it? No I do believe I said we pigged out...right? We finished with this amazing dessert. Some sort of chocolate alamode with pralines and vanilla ice cream. Don't drool....
Sorry the photo is blurred. We finished the evening with the movie Lovely Bones and were both knocked out from a food coma by 9 pm...Such a wonderful ending to a busy, stressful week. Now to catch up on homework and do some painting! Have a great week!