Wednesday, March 2, 2011

5k and the future

Saturday I ran/walked my 5k with my friend Logan (pictured here). Even though I didn't do as well as I wanted (43:05) I was still so proud of myself for finishing. There are more 5k's coming soon that we are excited about participating in.
I'm finding it easier and easier to fight temptations with food. Even if I want something, I have a greater satisfaction after I eat my healthy meal, rather than the one I really wanted at the time, and this thought keeps me going throughout the day. I've recently met another new workout buddy, which is making my workout routines much more enjoyable.
Sundays are my outside days, and this Sunday we went to the Indian Mounds for a little bit. Afterwards, I decided to give my dane
a bath and go on a walk in the neighborhood. While we were on our walk, we came across another walker and her dog (not sure of the breed, but he was big) and the two hit it off. We exchanged numbers and are going to have puppy dates with our gigantic four legged friends. I am so glad he will have a friend his size to play with.
All in all I've had a pretty good couple of weeks, today is the two year anniversery of Michael Sparrow's death. He is someone I grew up with and have always looked up to. Sunday's don't seem the same without him, but I know he is in a better place and is probably singing and playing his guitar. He is an amazing person and still has an effect on the lives that he has touched over the years.

Quote of the Month: "So wipe your tears and smile, don't feel the darkness, because we have sparked this, candles of flame...and I'm not afraid of death, because I know where God is, He's beside me, always everyday.."-Michael Sparrow (Sanctuary)