Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Aggrivation and Frustration shouldnt come so quickly after hitting my goal!

*not gonna let it get me down*
So after hitting my goal, about a week and a half ago, I am already beginning to get frustrated. I don't know if its my crazy work schedule, even crazier school schedule, or starting P90x but I am literally going nowhere fast and adding 2 lbs. So have come to the conclusion that my body just isn't ready for the big X challenge and I need more time in the gym to get stronger before I can do this. The guy keeps telling me this workout isn't for everybody, and I feel like he is almost right. Its not for me right now. I know I can do this stuff eventually, but I'm just not there yet. Also, oddly enough, I miss the treadmill and elliptical like there is no tomorrow. So I'm hanging up my towel, but lifting my head. I'm constructing a new routine with allot of cardio, picking up new classes, and giving P90x another shot when I am ready to. Only 35 more pounds and I will be at the big 100. As i look back at my process I remember when I said only 35 more lbs and Ill be at 50. That gives me courage to keep going. Not setting a goal amount before has actually made this easier on me, I feel it has anyways. There isn't an expectation, just the fact that I know I'm at 65 and I have come this far so I know I can do 35 more. Please leave any suggestions, comments, or ideas. EVERYTHING is welcomed.