Friday, November 28, 2014

A Time of Thankfulness and Reflection

This week has been spent making a new and reflecting on the past. I have been so bogged down with work and studies, I haven't been able to think straight! I have taken time this week to think for myself and get things in order around the house. We've painted the hallway and began the kitchen, exchanged refrigerators, and put up Christmas decorations. 
I'm so excited about my first Christmas tree!

During Thanksgiving, Forrest (the big little brother) and I traveled to 3 family dinners in one day. As busy as it was, it was so great being able to see everyone and spend some time with our very large family. We even got to take some family photos on the farm. 
I'm so blessed to have the family has given to me. We have our ups and downs but we all love each other very much. 
With 2.5 weeks of grad school left before graduation, I only have one major project to turn I and I could not be more thrilled!i can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for me in education. Recently I have been looking into art therapy and I'm ready and willing to explore that avenue. Check back in the coming weeks for new recipes, weightloss, and life updates.... 92 lbs to go!

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